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Downgrading iPad to 3.2.1

After getting a new 64GB 3G iPad, i restored my 16GB WiFi to 3.2.2 by accident. Thus, i had to downgrade to be able to jailbreak.
This is how i did it:
Put iPad in DFU mode (Recovery mode is not enough)
Restore 3.2 firmware using cydias saved SHSH (Which you hopefully saved in cydia.)
The 3.2 firmare for iPad can be found here:
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Flash for iPad

Want Flash on your iPad?
Add repo to cydia.

Working great on 3.2.1

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XBMC, Take two

So, i decided to wait with Dharma, and take another shot at the current XBMC live

Install XBMC Live

apt-get install vim python-software-properties pkg-config
add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc-svn/ppa
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
apt-get dist-upgrade
apt-get install linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic xbmc xbmc-bin xbmc-data xbmc-live xbmc-skin-confluence xbmc-standalone
chmod +x
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Nvidia ION and XBMC Dharma

So, my XBMC started acting up, so I figured I could reinstall. But of course that meant sitting all night trying to do it in the most complicated way ever. The ppa-s for xbmc-svn devs are down atm, soo:

  1. Installing Ubuntu Mini (10.4 Lucid), base system with openssh
  2. Installing subversion
  3. Grabbing the latest svn of the Dharma branch of XBMC
  4. Installing a lot of deps.
  5. Creating a symlink to make opengl dev libs work
  6. Installing xbmc-live script from a ppa

Sources: [Compiling XBMC Dharma on Lucid]

And afterwards I just noticed XBMCFreak has a new livecd compiled. Figures.


iPad research

I got a iPad 16GB WiFi in San Fransisco this summer, so the first steps was:

Step 1, Jailbreaking
Jailbreak it:

Step 2, Set root password
Default root passord is 'alpine'. The regular user 'mobile' has the same passord. Change these.

Step 3, The best software
AirVideo - lets you stream movies from any pc/mac. On-the-fly converting. A #1 purchase.
iTap RDP - RDP client XBMC - remote control XBMC
Angry Birds HD - The best game for iPad so far

Step 4, Accessorize


Some to addictive game

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New music solution

Top app using grooveshark and GrooveWalrus
Kicks spotifys ass anyday.

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Setting up a new nagios-solution at work, I am using a tool called check_mk. Together with some php config generation script, I am automaticly discovering new devices and services.
check_mk is a rather new app, check it out!


Default Searchprovider in IE8

I am currently trying to do a MCITP on Windows Server 2008. Today: IE GPO
Very handy.


Test Exchange Settings

Test your Exchange server: