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Accessing Shared Mailboxes in Office365 with PHP

After a lot of trying&failing, this setup worked for me when connecting to a shared mailbox in office365: As the username, use “your_username\shared_mailbox_alias” (your_username needs access to the shared mailbox of course) Add the extended option ‘DISABLE_AUTHENTICATOR’ => ‘PLAIN’ Example: $conn = imap_open( “{}Inbox”, ‘[email protected]\shared_mailbox_alias’, ‘mypassword’, OP_READONLY, 1, array(‘DISABLE_AUTHENTICATOR’ => ‘PLAIN’) );


New pet project up: This is a pure javascript offline projects where i try to implement a tool for commuters and tourists in western Norway. Manually (sigh..) create xml objects from routes on the ferryoperator’s webpage jquery parse these and create a live webpage use localStorage (for the most part) to do the settings-bit… Read More »