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Accessing Shared Mailboxes in Office365 with PHP

After a lot of trying&failing, this setup worked for me when connecting to a shared mailbox in office365:

  1. As the username, use "your_username\shared_mailbox_alias" (your_username needs access to the shared mailbox of course)
  2. Add the extended option 'DISABLE_AUTHENTICATOR' => 'PLAIN'

$conn = imap_open(



New pet project up:

This is a pure javascript offline projects where i try to implement a tool for commuters and tourists in western Norway.

  1. Manually (sigh..) create xml objects from routes on the ferryoperator's webpage
  2. jquery parse these and create a live webpage
  3. use localStorage (for the most part) to do the settings-bit

What I plan is to use phonegap to create native android and ios apps for full offline functionality. I have to a certain extent implemented a warning/notification system - but this is an online function.

Dev builds are being pushed @ (courtesy of trusty jenkins)

git repo:

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Setting up relay for an Axis IP-camera

I tried googling how to set up a relay for an internal IP-camera on a public webserver.  I have an Axis 211M with username/password root:root on ip The source is MJPEG, and after some packet inspection i identified the boundary to be "--myboundary" for the multipart.

Not much (useful) showed up on google, so I ended up doing this:


header('Content-Type: multipart/x-mixed-replace; boundary=--myboundary');


Keep in mind, this is only a 1:1 relay, and no caching is enabled. It will also choke your webserver if you do a lot (?) of connections.