Check_MK bleeding edge

By | 4 June 2014

I have been doing som OMD/Check_MK bleeding edge testing and development, aswell as collecting interesting plugins and locals. Running a Debian Wheezy box on ESXi

My notes:

Get and install the last omd package (as of 3 june 2014):

wget “”
dpkg -i omd-1.11.20140601.wheezy.i386.deb

Stop and upgrade the site:

omd stop <sitename>
omd update <sitename>
omd start  sitename>

Check for errors and reload

omd su <sitename>
cmk -R

Once in a while I’ve had some settings that do not upgrade successfully, and I’ve had to hunt bugs. One error that occurs, is the reset of NagVis rights when using MultisiteRights ( This document has not been updated to reflect the latest changes, the file is now defined by a variable called “authorisation_multisite_file”, which is placed at ~/var/check_mk/wato/auth/auth.php. This variable also must be set.

To fix this, i have to set these properties each time i upgrade:

omd su <sitename>
vim ~/etc/nagvis/conf.d/auth.ini.php




The new OMD packages has native support for ESXi host monitoring (and automatic mapping VM<->Hosts). See Check up on the section about piggybacking for mapping vm-names with wato-host-names if these are not identical.

Plugins that I use besides the automaticly installed ones:

lm-sensors package, neatly packed by BenV:

apache_status (update the servers variable to hardcode which servers to monitor – autodetect is not working as intended for multiple servers. I usually set it to “servers = [ ( ‘http’, ‘::1’, 80 ),( ‘https’, ‘::1’, 443 ) ]

check_apt (for checking debian packages)

mk_mysql – needs username/pwd in configfile, so watch out.

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