Altibox without mediaconverter and ZyXEL

By | 16 June 2014


Much power consuming equipment and unnecessary hops in my rack pushed me to eliminating the Altibox mediaconverter and ZyXEL 2812 router.

The setup is usually:

Altibox BiDi 1310/1550 SM fiber -> SC Mediaconverter (tx1310 rx1550) -> ZyXEL 2812 router.

What I did was first tagging through the Internet VLAN from the mediaconverter via my switch to my ZyWALL USG-50. Step two will be to add a SFP to the switch to eliminate the mediaconverter. I used port 24 (dual personality GE copper/SFP) for the incoming trunk, and port 22 (GE copper) for the downlink to the switch.

Since i have my fibers terminated in a patch panel, I can use a SC-LC cable directly into a SFP.

I _could_ have added a WAN vlan on my ZyWALL USG-50 to route the traffic directly here, but that would mean having to reconfigure to an additional interface.

Tagged VLANS incoming from Altibox to 2812:

101: TV


  1. Enable bridging mode for your subscription on partnerpage (not sure if this is needed)
  2. Configure vlan 102 on the switch
  3. Add tagged 102 to port 24
  4. Add untagged 102 to port 22
  5. Connect mediaconverter to 24
  6. Connect your own router to port 22
  7. (optional) Add SFP BiDi BX-D (tx1310 rx 1550) to port 24. If you have a SC port on your mediaconverter, you may need a SC to LC adapter, or SC-SC adapter with a SC-LC cable.


Not sure if it is possible to tag vlans for TV, since I do not have these services, I am unable to experiment. Since VoIP require som sort of SIP user/pwd and reg server, this most certantly is impossible. TV should work if your switch is multicast enabled or “unaware”.

Perhaps it is needed to to some MAC spoofing, but since bridging is possible, I will try without and see how it works.



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