RiksTV in Windows 7

By | 2 July 2011

I just changed from Altibox (IPTV) to RiksTV (DVB-T) and wanted to get this to work on Windows and Linux. Windows was easy enough:

DVBViewer Pro v4.8.1.0

Hauppauge! WinTV-HVR-1300
Hauppauge! WinTV-CI-USB2

Installation without any problems. Drivers found by windows by default, but downloaded official drivers on Hauppauge! webpage and installed just in case. All encrypted channels decode great, and watching TVNorge in full hd is nice 🙂
Now going to try getting it to work in Linux, but since the CI is not supported in Linux, I will try with softcams and some SC readers. I have a SmartCard USB reader from Norsk Tipping ready, aswell as ordered a SMARGO SmartCard Reader off ebay. It would be nice to be able to watch RiksTV in XMBC on my HTPC. Perhaps with tvheadend?


4 thoughts on “RiksTV in Windows 7

  1. JEG

    How did this work for you?
    Looking forward to next blog. Windows user myself, and considering RiksTV @ MediaPortal. (Gonna dump Altibox as well).

  2. jon

    A little update.
    Sadly, this has not gone very well. The encryption used by RiksTV does not function properly with software cams i have tried in Linux so far.
    Hopefully, since the development speed in this community is pretty decent, I hope to do a check as soon as i have my new house completed and the spare time to fiddle with this again.

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