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Syncing Exchange with iPad does weird things to my appointments

After importing an US iPad, and syncing it to my Exchange my appointments were 10 hours off. Due to some weird US city name being default, I overlooked one setting that put everything right. Why it's not set to automatic beats me:


Downgrading iPad to 3.2.1

After getting a new 64GB 3G iPad, i restored my 16GB WiFi to 3.2.2 by accident. Thus, i had to downgrade to be able to jailbreak.
This is how i did it:
Put iPad in DFU mode (Recovery mode is not enough)
Restore 3.2 firmware using cydias saved SHSH (Which you hopefully saved in cydia.)
The 3.2 firmare for iPad can be found here:
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Flash for iPad

Want Flash on your iPad?
Add repo to cydia.

Working great on 3.2.1

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