Nvidia ION and XBMC Dharma

By | 16 August 2010

So, my XBMC started acting up, so I figured I could reinstall. But of course that meant sitting all night trying to do it in the most complicated way ever. The ppa-s for xbmc-svn devs are down atm, soo:

  1. Installing Ubuntu Mini (10.4 Lucid), base system with openssh
  2. Installing subversion
  3. Grabbing the latest svn of the Dharma branch of XBMC
  4. Installing a lot of deps.
  5. Creating a symlink to make opengl dev libs work
  6. Installing xbmc-live script from a ppa


http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?t=77745 [Compiling XBMC Dharma on Lucid]

And afterwards I just noticed XBMCFreak has a new livecd compiled. Figures.

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